House Slaves


There are various different types of House Slave roles. Depending on the type of abilities a Dominant’s submissive/slave has many of these roles can be combined. For example: Syr has a non live in event female masochist slave who has the following skills: cooks…chef, bookkeeping accounting…office kills, laundry maintain house…houseckeeping, training of another slaves, drive..chauffeur, handles various heavy impact pain performances…masochist.

Those are a few examples of the many various different types of service roles. Just like in the Dominant Love these roles and skills are trained to meet the individual needs of the Dominant. The same way as there are different types of submissive/slaves. Each Dominant and submissive/slave have different skills needs and wants. Finding the right match for you deturmines how well you communicate your wants needs and skill levels. Stating that “I can do that” is not enough. Do you have real time experience in doing what you claim, how often do you do this skill, what are your limitations in that skill.

Here is a small list of the various types of House Service submissive/slaves:

Maid/Butler- tends to household cleaning duties and maintence of household
Handy slave – fixes small house repairs if skilled to do so
Office Slave – helps with home office duties, emails, books various appointments,
Yard/Landscape slave- maintains exterior property year round
Oral slave – sexual oral service
Toilet slave – full or urine only
Personal slave – main focus is assisting Dominant in everything (British Domestic Servants)

For a more detailed listing of other House slave roles look towards British Domestic Servants

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