Slave Crazies

waiting to be claimedMany aspects of BDSM are similar to addictions in how they play out both in the mind and physically. From that perspective the “frenzies” can be considered to be the ‘withdrawal’ stage. The thing funny thing is that a submissive never have engaged in a real life D/s BDSM experience to actually have this need. Mostly the very first experience a submissive will have will be prior in childhood having never engaging in a real life D/s event. Many submissive’s can look back in life as an adult and find a D/s experience which may have begun when they were little. However this state of frenzy can occur at any point in a submissive’s life and is not limited to the new submissive. In fact, it occurs sometimes even stronger in more seasoned submissives. Who try to adjust to the new activities that come around as to better evolve themselves to be more suited to a Dominant.

The next thing for this person is a mad race toward ‘finding’ or a desperate desire to gather more and more information. Often this triggers a state of Slave frenzy. An increased and focused sensation of ‘need‘ to getting their fix’, This now becomes supremely important in their lives making them irrational, willing to make poor decisions, rash, impulsive and generally stupid. A submissive in a frenzied state is at their most vulnerable to succumbing to the ploys of those less than admirable. They may become easily enthralled, willing to give over anything (almost literally) in order to fill that enormous void in their life.

The submissive once discovering the local and at times not so local community. Will often in all the excitement and feelings of ‘finding their home’, will easily pounce on the first Dominant candidate that comes along as being ‘the one’.

A submissive in a pre-frenzy need state will often become very alluring, flattering, flexible. They will mirror the apparent ‘needs’ of the Dominant they are talking to in order to appear to be the perfect candidate for a future alliance. Many times the submissive will often “stretch the truths” of their experiences or of what they actually can both physically and mentally can endure.

It is very important for the Dominant to learn to recognize the symptoms of frenzy. The Dominant should ONLY ask only detailed questions never give hints or clues as to what they may be looking for. The Dominant should take control and ask what the submissive is looking for not allow the submissive to demand or force their ‘submissive’ needs at them. A submissive too eagar to be enslaved is a submissive who could be unaware of the risks involved.

This conversation should come in a neutral equal manner from one human to another. The Dominant who is still in control slow forces the submissive into a less vulnerable state when conversing . Yet keeps the submissive true to themselves and their needs by not over exaggerating their abilities wants and desires. This meeting should be in a neutral space equal to both. Not a D/s space or location that one or the other is familiar with . Like a coffee shop that both have not attended in an area that is safe for both parties. Even if you meet up in a “known” area walk for a bit to ease into the conversation make the walk relaxing. Talk about general everyday things to ease into the conversation. Keep an eye out for a mutual comfortable place to stop and then once seated slowly ease into the conversation on D/s.