Dominant love


Great words to live by.

There are many BDSM different types of submissive/slave forms. They look and seek BDSM Dominants regardless of gender age body image and culture differences. As long as there are common grounds respect and mutual interests in common activities.

A Dominants state of mind is what holds a submissive/slave. It can create to the submissive/slave love, desire, longing, fear, inner clam, peace and a sense of belonging.

As the caption states taking their body with force can be anything. It does not mean to abuse the submissive/slave. Denial via restraints, time outs, corrective discipline, enforcing rituals and structures. Help to focus the submissive on what is wanted and needed. Creating a sense of heightened emotional sensory high can also create this same feeling of  being taken by force. A strong emotional one

.Providing “rewards” or positive affirmations helps to show the submissive that their actions are appreciated and desired. Sharing special time as in providing to a submissive a “pleasure that they enjoy and giving just simple positive words can show to the submissive/slave that the Dominant cares and appreciates the slaves actions.

Training you submissive/slave to the best of their abilities helps them to be seen by other BDSM D/s dynamic members in the community as a Treasured asset. Training is not an easy thing for Both the Dominant nor the submissive/slave. It takes time and dedication for the submissive/slave to learn to follow what is commanded of them. It is the slow stripping down of what the submissive/slave knows and teaching them what it is that the Dominant wants in the manner of how the Dominant wants it.

It is not so much breaking stripping down the submissive/slaves spirit but remolding it. Taking away the excuses hesitation and laziness and fine tuning the submissive/slave into a work like robot. Programmed to comply and to carry out duties effective and efficiently. A well trained submissive/slave will learn in time to actively know what is needed be their Dominant without having being told. Learning such mannerisms and traits bonds the D/s dynamic making the two parties O/one… moving like a fine operated machine.

In training the submissive/slave the Dominant has to understand that this re-training is going to be mentally and emotionally difficult to endure. Knowing what that the submissive/slave is mentally fighting their natural learnt mannerisms and behaviour’s of how they lived and have grew up. However the submissive/slave must learn to trust and believe in the Dominant. Understanding that the Dominant sees the submissive/slave without the fears, doubts and blockages of worried “failure can’t do that” believes that the submissive/slave carries within.

The D/s dynamic is not about a power struggle of who will win or over power. But a lead and I will follow, teach and I will learn, guide and I will triumph for you, between the Dominant and submissive. A healthy bond very much like how a person learns to ride a bike, drive a care, or how you teach a child to walk. it takes time for the submissive/slave to learn the skills required and to understand the depth of what it means to follow so openly and blindly. It is not about how much “suffering or correcting” a submissive/slave can handle but how well they can adapt to over come their own limited state and grow.

A true Dominant wants to see their submissive/slave grow in Their guidance to be a better person not fail or be broken form it. However the submissive/slave Must be willing to overcome their own self fears, second guessing and hesitations in order to learn and to connect to a Dominant. A Dominant is not going to push or pull a submissive/slave into training or into Their life. The Dominant will wait for the right submissive/slave to walk up and ask without hesitation to be trained to become valued in the Dominant’s life.

Syr TigressNLA