Dominant Care

Image form his-precious-kitten:

Lust may be strong, but love is stronger.

Knowing the difference between what is right for the submissive/slave mentally and emotionally and what the submissive slave wants and craves is important. Everyone wants to please and for the submissive/slave that desire to please and belong may lead them into emotional & physical harm. A caring Dominant getting detailed feedback by asking the questions that matter will know how to protect the submissive/slave from harm from them self.

Going slowly and teaching the submissive/slave both in action and by communication is how the slave learns. Making or giving that submissive form real time life related references, will help the slave to better relate and understand to the manner, means or topic.  This I call  “popping the slave frenzy bubble” the over eager willingness to do anything and everything to belong and or matter to a Dominant.

Syr Tigressnla