The Famous most asked Transgender question: Are you a Boy/Girl or a Girl/Boy?

Who Fucken cares!! I am just the way I am supposed to be…I am just the way I am supposed to be. I am Me inside of Me slowly transforming into who I am in Me.  So FUCK OFF and Leave My Gender alone!! Does it really matter what I may or may not have had surgically done in My pants or on My chest? Who are you to question what defines Me or My gender?  Or maybe you never

Maybe what we the Transgender community should be asking these people is this. Are you capable of mentally & physically standing by my side, as a friend and or ally in support, when someone else asks this question?  Are you able to look at them and defend my transgender honor and pride by saying “it’s none of your business”?  Or are you ashamed or embarrassed to be seen with Me as I walk within My transforming journey?  

Funny maybe you never were looking at Me when you were looking at Me? Did you not see Me within Me when you were laughing with Me in Me? It was I not I who was there for you to talk to when you cried. It was Me in Me who offered to be your shoulder.  I have always been Me and showed you Me all the time that we were together. ….but maybe it was YOU who were not You the supportive friend family and lover that YOU claimed to be.

So when you out there stop to ask am I a boy/girl or a girl/boy I am going to answer you with this: I am Me within Me not trying to be anything but the real Me….or you can call Me  Transgendered the third Gender cause that too is very much ME.

 Syr Tigressnla