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Durham & Toronto Region Black Androgynous Leather Lifestyle Dominant

Born and raised in Toronto in 1974.  Between the ages of 17-19 they came to better understand them self as a Leather Dominant and the various “labeled” identities within the LGBTQ Communities. Syr was Trained and Mentored via the many wide spread and various types of BDSM activities.

Syr assists guides and educates those who actively seek guidance on Both Transgender & BDSM Lifestyles. Currently assisting in Durham Region as a guest consultant for the Durham ( Oshawa ) region Gender Journey program. Syr also facilitates a FtM male identified gender social group, that meets up both in Toronto and Oshawa.  This is a personal peer sharing social group that meet up to learn from those who are on, about to start testosterone and those who are not. The members learn what it is like to go through the ups and downs of physically seen as female but feeling and identifying as male or masculine within.

Syr travels back and forth between Toronto Montreal and New York City for Androgynous modeling, speaking and presenting for Gender journey programs and along with BDSM performances and workshops.

BDSM Leather Lifestyle is not a “fetish” for Syr but a way of Life filled with Structure, Self Discipline & Respect.  Those who choose to serve Syr Tigressnla follow a set structure of mental emotional and physical training. For Syr it is not about a “sexual release” or “fantasy” but a way of presenting an image of Elegance within a submissive’s service. Being or wanting to be submissive is not a weakness as taking instructions from another takes a strong mind and being. To willingly let go of self believes and means and to trust in another. For these reasons those who wish to “serve” Syr as a “Live in Servant” MUST “petition to House” for a minimum 2 week trial in person Real Time Service training session.


Syr TigressNLA